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Unlock the rewards of our internationally accredited MBA.

Even the most compelling and visionary ideas remain dormant without leaders to give them life. To ensure your future progress and success, the NMMU MBA is built on the cornerstone of leadership development.

Theoretical knowledge and new ideas will come alive as you operate at senior level, steering a management team through a plethora of modern business challenges.

The input of our experienced lecturers, high profile national and international guest speakers and your fellow students create a learning environment at NMMU Business School that is dynamic, innovative and engaging.

Our MBA is for self-motivated professionals and requires energy, creativity, honest self-reflection, self-awareness and self-discipline.

NMMU Business School MBA – developed for the business leader of tomorrow. 


2018 Application Season:

2018 Application Season Starts: 1 May 2017

2018 Application Season Closes: 27 November 2017



The NMMU Business School MBA promises enjoyment and personal growth.




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