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PDBA Psychometric Testing and Interviews

NMMU Business School accepts psychometric test results from SHL or GMAT. An applicant wanting to submit GMAT results must arrange the GMAT test personally.

NMMU Business School assists with SHL testing by arranging testing centres in Port Elizabeth, East London, Cape Town, Gauteng and Durban. Tests are conducted three times a year in each centre.

The SHL psychometric test consists of a verbal reasoning assessment, inductive reasoning assessment and numerical reasoning assessment.  For more information visit:

The psychometric test forms part of PHASE 2 of the application process.



If you meet the criteria for the first review you will be contacted by our psychometrists regarding the writing of your psychometric test.

You will receive a detailed email from them regarding your testing date, what you can expect and what you are allowed to bring into the test venue.


PLEASE NOTE: Applicants will only be allowed to reschedule their test once. If a prospective student cannot make the second test scheduled for him/her then his/her application will be cancelled. If an applicant misses their allocated test slot, they will forfeit their test fee.

Once you’ve completed your psychometric test or submitted your GMAT test score, your application will be assessed to ensure your meet the minimum application criteria. You will receive a notification of the second review evaluation.

 Applicants must score a minimum of a 5 on each of the above tests or a 520 on their GMAT score.

Depending on the review of the application at PHASE 1 and PHASE 2 of the application process, an applicant that meets the admission criteria for both PHASE 1 and PHASE 2 will be invited for an interview (PHASE 3). Interviews will be conducted via Skype.

Once PHASE 3 is complete a final review of your PDBA application will take place and you will receive notification of the outcome a week after your interview.


Application Closing Date: 27 November 2017