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Choose a programme that fits your unique circumstances:  PHASE 2
           Part-Time: A part-time programme offered in the evenings   •   All applicants are required to complete the
           at the Port Elizabeth Campus over two years.   psychometric test as part of the application process.
                                                       •   Students need to score a 5 or higher on the
           Block Release:  A modular programme offered from Port   psychometric (SHL) test.
           Elizabeth to students in Gauteng, Cape Town, Durban   •   Students writing the GMAT test need to obtain a score
           or East London through study weeks, video conferences,   of 520 or higher.
           webinars or day visits over two years. Student centres in
           Gauteng, Cape Town, Durban and East London support the   Once the test has been completed, the application will be
           learning experience of students in these cities.  reviewed and those applicants that meet the application
                                                       criteria for phase 1 and phase 2 will be asked to partake in
           Admissions Criteria:                        an interview (PHASE 3).
           At the NMMU Business School, prospective MBA candidates
           are assessed against rigorous selection criteria.  Those who do not meet the criteria for phase 1 or phase
                                                       2 will not be allowed to further partake in the application
           Prospective students are required to meet the following   process,  and  their  application  will  be  deemed  ‘not
           criteria:                                   successful’.
           PHASE 1
           •   A four-year Bachelor’s degree at NQF Level 8; a
               relevant  Postgraduate Diploma (in for instance
               Business Administration (PDBA)) at NQF Level 8; or an
               applicable Honours degree at NQF Level 8.
           •   Students with an applicable BTech obtained prior to
               the  2015  NQF  level  changes  can  apply  for  the  MBA
               programme.  Individuals  who  obtained  their  BTech
               after the 2015 change will be able to apply for our
               PDBA programme.
           •   A minimum of three years management or five years
               business working experience.
           •   Applicants must reside within a 60 km radius of one
               of the School’s centres: Port Elizabeth, East London,
               Cape Town, Gauteng or Durban.
           •   Be fluent in English. Applicants not fluent in English
               will be required to produce an English Proficiency
               certificate to verify English language skills.

           An applicant that meets the above criteria will progress onto
           the second phase of the application process: the writing
           of the Psychometric Test or the Graduate Management
           Admission Test (GMAT).

           MBA                                                                 ... unlock the possibilities  9
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