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From the Graduate School Director

           The Graduate School, responsible for Masters, Doctoral and Postgraduate Degrees
           (MBA, DBA and PDBA respectively), is located within the NMMU Business School,
           which has as its vision to be “a business school of choice, alive to its context, and
           a thought leader in management and leadership development”.

           The NMMU Business School is rated one of the top 200 Best Master’s Degree
           Programmes in the world and 6th in South Africa by Eduniversal; has received
           a special award for thought leadership in emerging markets at the Third Annual
           Asia’s Best Business School Awards by CMO Asia and the World Brand Conference
           in Singapore; and has been acknowledged by international media (The New
           York Times, The Washington Post and the Boston Globe) for the role we played   Professor Cecil Arnolds
           in shaping the future of another country through the post-conflict leadership   Director: Graduate School
           programme and training of South Sudanese leaders after years of civil war.
           The Graduate School’s mission statement declares that “we create holistic leaders who respond, interpret, transform and
           contribute to sustainable development through relevant research, learning and engagement”. We further align ourselves
           with  the  vision  of  our  Faculty  of  Business  and  Economic  Sciences,  which  strives  to  be  recognised  for  its  “positive  and
           empowering contribution towards the local business and broader community”. Our Faculty also expresses full commitment
           to engagement with Science, benchmarking against international best practice, and a sensitivity to the needs of our local
                                              Business leaders cannot afford not to

                                                              be alive to their contexts.

           Against the above-mentioned background, the Graduate School works hard to develop such thought leaders in business,
           management and leadership. Business leaders operate in a world which is characterised by both exciting economic
           development opportunities and huge inequalities in wealth sharing. In such a situation, effective business leadership,
           coupled with high levels of consciousness, responsibility and ethics is needed. Business leaders cannot afford not to be alive
           to their contexts. While pursuing business goals as competitively as possible, business leaders should also actively engage
           with the real social conditions, lived world and subjectivity of the everyday life of people and communities they work with.
           Our leadership modules develop such leaders.

           Infused into our core modules is cutting-edge leadership development and excellent executive education. Our core modules,
           embedded in internationally (AMBA and EDAMBA) accredited Masters and Doctoral degrees, focus also intensely on global
           business strategies, African relevance, entrepreneurship, professional business administration and drivers of economic
           growth drivers (e.g. ocean economy, agri-business, etc.).

           We invite our stakeholders, especially staff, students, business leaders and community leaders, to partner us in the pursuit
           of our exciting vision and mission.
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